General FAQs

Have a question about the Mortgage Partnership Finance® Program? We can help! Start with our most frequently asked questions below. For more information, please contact us.

  • Can more than one funding occur on a single business day?


  • How do I begin the process of reactivating my MPF activity?

    Please contact our MPF Team to begin the process of reactivation.

  • How do I reset my eMPF access?

    • If you have your User ID, and have forgotten your password, enter the User ID and then hit "Forgot Password."
    • If you have neither, please contact the MPF Service Center at (877) 463-6673.
  • Where do I Register for MPF Updates?

    Visit and click on “Subscribe.” From there, fill out the requested information (Name, Email, and Institution) and then click "Submit."

  • Who is the MPF Master Servicer?

    Wells Fargo Corporate Trust. Wells Fargo performs various master servicing duties on the MPF Provider’s behalf relating to the MPF Program.

  • Who is the MPF Program Custodian?

    Wells Fargo Custody. Wells Fargo provides mortgage document custodial services for the MPF Program and its PFIs.

  • Who is the MPF Provider?

    The Federal Home Loan Bank of Chicago. The Bank serves as manager and provider of services to PFIs and MPF Banks relating to the MPF Program.