Why FHLBank San Francisco?

FHLBank San Francisco is a cooperative owned by you – our members. Our mission is to help local financial institutions like yours fulfill the dreams of aspiring homeowners.

We provide the funds that drive mortgage lending, economic development, and affordable housing in the communities we serve. Our results aren’t measured only in profits – they are measured in the new possibilities we can create together: from the funding of a family’s first home to the restoration of a town treasure.

When you work with FHLBank San Francisco, you can participate in vital community-building programs, including the Mortgage Partnership Finance® Program. With the MPF® Program, you can access the secondary market for selling your home loans and managing your risk profile.

Making a Difference for Our Members

FHLBank San Francisco serves over 320 members across 3 states. We understand the unique and diverse needs of the local lenders that serve as the cornerstone of our communities. FHLBank San Francisco is a part of the Federal Home Loan Bank System, a stable source of funding for insured depository institutions of all sizes and types. The FHLBank System was created to facilitate home ownership, which in turn empowers families, encourages growth, and enhances the quality of life for us all.

To learn more about FHLBank San Francisco, please visit www.fhlbsf.com.